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Illume Reading

Engaging Early Readers of all Ages and Abilities

Illume Reading

Illume Reading is a suite of resources that are used to engage early readers of all ages and abilities. Is your student struggling to remember their sight words? Do they need more practice to learn their phonics sounds? Do they experience difficulty with reading comprehension? Illume Reading is for you!

Designed initially to meet the needs of students with intellectual disability, the engaging resources and hands-on, visual approaches, are now being used by a wide range of students of all ages and abilities.

We believe that every student has the ability to learn to read. Sometimes, however, traditional programs and approaches do not meet the needs of our learners.

Illume Reading

Illume Reading combines multiple approaches (whole word, phonics and text immersion) and techniques (visual, auditory and tactile-kinaesthetic) to maximise student learning.

The resources are designed specifically for your student, progressing to the next stage only when they are ready and incorporating their interests to ensure maximum engagement and enjoyment.

Illume Reading is not a prescriptive reading program, but rather a suite of resources designed to engage and motivate your student and to help them succeed in reading. The flexibility of the resources also allows for them to be used alongside other programs currently being implemented in your school.

Latest Articles from Illume Reading

Illume Reading

Difficulties With Reading Comprehension Part 1

Part 1- Why Does It Happen?  We all know “that student”. The one who can read a book with 100% accuracy, yet when we ask them questions about what they’ve just read, they can’t answer us. As teachers and parents this can be incredibly frustrating. For a student to progress with their reading (and move…
Illume Reading

Difficulties With Reading Comprehension Part 2

Part 2- What Can We Do To Help?  In Difficulties With Reading Comprehension Part 1 we looked at some common reasons why students may experience difficulty with reading comprehension. Now comes the important part.. What can we do to help them? It’s important to remember that every student is unique and will respond to different…
Illume Reading

Personalised Reading Activities

What they are and why you simply must use them! As you are aware, there are an abundance of commercial reading programs available for you to buy and use with your students. Many of these have some fantastic elements and approaches, but very few include what I feel is the most important element of any…
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Kind Words About Illume Reading

Illume Reading

About Illume Reading

Within each stage of Illume Reading, we focus on developing skills across three main domains.

  • High Frequency Sight Word Recognition
  • Explicit Phonics Instruction
  • Engaging in Texts (including Reading Comprehension)

Personalised Learning Activities are incorporated throughout to maximise enjoyment, engagement and motivation. We focus on ways in which learning can be personalised to ensure that it is relatable and meaningful to students.

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