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Illume Reading

Within each stage of Illume Reading, we focus on developing skills across three main domains.

  • High Frequency Sight Word Recognition
  • Explicit Phonics Instruction
  • Engaging in Texts (including Reading Comprehension)

Personalised Learning Activities are incorporated throughout to maximise enjoyment, engagement and motivation. We focus on ways in which learning can be personalised to ensure that it is relatable and meaningful to students.

Illume Reading

Developing Essential Reading Skills

High Frequency Sight Word Recognition

Students learn high frequency sight words using the whole word approach to reading.

The words align with the most common high frequency word lists including Fry, Dolsch and the M100W. A total of 168 words are included in Illume Reading.

Illume Reading

Explicit Phonics Instruction

While there are 26 letters in the English language there are 44 unique sounds (phonemes). Students are first introduced to each letter of the alphabet (a-z) and then phonemes with multiple letter combinations are introduced.

We not only focus on most common graphemic (letter) representation for each phoneme, but also introduce the student to other possible graphemic representations.

Engaging In Texts

Books form the cornerstone of Illume Reading with two books for every group of words and sounds. The books have been written and illustrated to appeal to readers of all ages and abilities. They contain a mix of familiar and unfamiliar words and focus on topics of high interest and relevance. The books contain a diverse range of characters of various races, abilities and disabilities, genders and ages. Inside the back cover, the focus sight words and sounds for that book are highlighted as well as a list of suggested activities for before, during and after reading, in addition to sample comprehension questions.

Illume Reading 5 Step Process

1. Match It

2. Find It

3. Build It

4. Write It

Illume Reading

5. Say It

These techniques work together to activate different parts of the brain and target individual student strengths and interests. Varied activities within each of these stages result in repeated exposure to the target word or sound through a variety of engaging methods and approaches (hearing, seeing, speaking and writing).

One of the best things about Illume Reading is that all of the resources you need are included. For example, during the Match It and Find It steps, students use flash cards that are all provided. In the Build It step, we provide a desktop magnetic Build It Board and accompanying magnetic letters to assist students to build the focus word or sound.

Writing worksheets are included on a USB so students can practice writing each of the word they are learning. Simply print them out as you need them! The USB also contains activity sheets and games such as “Bingo” and “Sight Word Car Parking” that you can print off and use throughout all of the 5 steps. There’s no preparation required.. everything is there!

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Illume Reading

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