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No, begin where you think is best for your student. We are always happy to assist in ascertaining where a student should best commence Illume Reading so please do not hesitate to contact us for further support.

Yes, all of the Illume Reading resources can be purchased individually as well as in sets.

For young children and those who are just commencing their reading journey, we recommend using some personally significant word that are of high interest to the student before commencing with the high frequency words included in Illume Reading. The same activities and 5 step process can be followed using these words.

Absolutely! We encourage you to expose your student to their focus words in as many books and activities as possible. This is definitely not limited to the Illume Reading resources.

The Illume Reading resources use the South Australian beginner fonts however we strongly encourage that students are exposed to a range of different fonts during their reading experiences.

Students who are non-verbal can still participate in all 5 steps. The “find it” activities will be especially important as this will allow a student to demonstrate that they can read the words without having to vocalise them. Additional supports are strongly encouraged throughout, for example, some students may “say it” using communication aids or sign rather than speaking.

The Illume Reading resources can be used individually however they are also ideal to use with groups of students. Additional products can be purchased if necessary to allow each student to have their own resources. Many of the resources are designed to be used by multiple students such as the Build It Board (which is double sided) and the worksheets and activity sheets that can be printed off multiple times. There are also two of each sight word and phonics card included.

The 168 sight words included in Illume reading align with the most common high frequency word lists including Fry, Dolsch and the M100W. While the order the words are presented may vary, the words included in Illume Reading will be the same as the most commonly used words identified in the lists above.

Do you have a question that hasn’t been answered here? Please contact us and we would be happy to answer it for you.

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