Why it Works

Illume Reading

Students need to be motivated to learn, be engaged in teaching and learning experiences, and be provided with personalised and customised approaches and resources. It is from this belief that Illume Reading was born.

Why does it work?

  • Targets student strengths and can be customised to each individual
  • Progresses at the student’s own pace, working within the zone of proximal development
  • Promotes the principles of errorless learning to ensure student success
  • Incorporates multiple approaches for teaching reading- sight words AND phonics
  • Activities ensure students are actively involved in learning
  • It’s FUN!

Implementation of the resources and activities in Illume Reading remains flexible, and we always encourage personalisation and customisation to meet the needs of your student. The flexibility of the resources also allows for them to be used alongside other programs currently being implemented in your school. Illume Reading is self-paced, progressing to the next stage only when your student is ready.

Illume Reading combines multiple approaches (whole word, phonics and text immersion) and techniques (visual, auditory, kinaesthetic and tactile) to maximise student learning. The process of implementation will vary based on an individual’s needs and interests. Because of this, Illume Reading is not a prescriptive reading program, but rather a suite of resources designed to engage and motivate your student and to help them succeed in reading.

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Illume Reading

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