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Illume Reading

Illume Reading workshops are a great way to learn more about teaching reading to students with diverse learning needs. The workshops cover:

  • Current research and best practice for teaching reading to students with diverse learning needs
  • Practical reading strategies and activities that can be used by educators and parents with students of all ages
  • An overview of Illume reading
  • Recommendations for the successful implementation of the Illume Reading resources

Who should attend?

  • Teachers and teacher aides working in primary, secondary and post school settings
  • Parents of students with diverse learning needs
  • Pre-service teachers
Illume Reading

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In-School Professional Development

While the Illume Reading manual contains all of the information required to get started, schools will often opt for some additional support. In-school professional development sessions are designed to upskill teachers and to ensure a collaborative and consistent approach to the implementation of the resources. Sessions can be customised to meet the needs of each school and their students.

Illume Reading


We come to you and deliver professional development at a time that suits your schedule, including pupil free days.

Illume Reading

Cost Effective

Professional development can be delivered for all staff – cheaper than multiple staff attending conferences.

Illume Reading


Professional development is customised to meet the needs of your students, ensuring all information is relevant.

Please contact us for further information and a quote for your in-school session.

Illume Reading

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Illume Reading

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Part 1- Why Does It Happen?  We all know “that student”. The one who can read a book with 100% accuracy, yet when we ask them questions about what they’ve just read, they can’t answer us. As teachers and parents this can be incredibly frustrating. For a student to progress with their reading (and move…
Illume Reading

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Part 2- What Can We Do To Help?  In Difficulties With Reading Comprehension Part 1 we looked at some common reasons why students may experience difficulty with reading comprehension. Now comes the important part.. What can we do to help them? It’s important to remember that every student is unique and will respond to different…
Illume Reading

Personalised Reading Activities

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